The Seattle Batman initiative is intended to help children in need in a variety of ways, which include:

  • One-on-one or one-on-many entertainment activities for kids in need
  • Supporting leading non-profit and do-good initiatives in the Western Washington region that benefit children, by promoting awareness of their activities and helping them market their services to kids that need them the most
  • Helping non-profit organizations raise funds through fundraiser attendance and entertainment, super-hero marketing, auctions and more

The help and work provided by the Seattle Batman personnel is voluntary and free of charge for children, their families, and to non-profit organizations. We do this because we care, because we want to do good, and because we want to make a dent in the world; not because we want or need to get paid. All activities of the Seattle Batman initiative are sponsored by the Bahat Foundation, a local Washington State 501(c)(3) non-profit family foundation.

"It is not who I am underneath, it's what I do that defines me..." / Bruce Wayne